Healing from Trauma, Addiction, and Multiple Loss
Teresa Naseba Marsh

Teresa Naseba Marsh, author of Enlightenment is Letting Go!: Healing from Trauma, Addiction, and Multiple Loss
Teresa Naseba Marsh, MA, RN, RCC
Psychotherapist, Healer, Consultant, Motivational Speaker

Teresa Naseba Marsh has many years of experience working with physically, emotionally, politically, and psychologically traumatized clients. She also works closely with, supervises, and teaches professionals working in the trauma and addiction fields. She is a registered nurse with certification in psychiatric and oncology nursing. Teresa completed her degree in nursing education and community health nursing science at the University of South Africa and a master of arts degree in counseling psychology at the Adler School in Chicago. She is the founder of her private practice, Thunzi Umphefumlo.

Teresa is the author of an oncology textbook for health care professionals published in South Africa and also the author of several papers in peer-reviewed journals. She works as a consultant with aboriginal communities with a focus on healing from residential school syndrome, trauma, and addictions. Teresa is a certified yoga teacher and teaches yoga and meditation, individually and in groups. She lives in Sudbury, Canada, with her husband Dr. David Marsh.