Healing from Trauma, Addiction, and Multiple Loss
Teresa Naseba Marsh

To Chapters and Indigo

Rating: 5/5

Reading this eloquently written book will benefit you or someone you know. People will become aware that they are not alone and that their feelings are valid. There are various elements for people to identify with. Through what seems like a conversation, Teresa provides clear explanations and easily puts in to words what many of us have experienced. Teresa teaches us that we can heal and surpass our wounds. Woven throughout the book is the gentle reminder to connect with our spirits, which ultimately leads to Enlightenment. 

Jasmine Grewal

Your Book & The Work of Trauma and Addiction - Inspired!

Warmest of greetings to you Teresa! 

Thank you for listening to the call of your spirit! I have been working in the counselling field since 1994, and my dream is being realized now... I am from the Namgis Nation in North Vancouver Island, and am just completing my Masters in Aboriginal Community Counselling. The topics you speak of in your book, I have been speaking to for a number of years - yet, not nearly as beautifully as you have put it all together here. I am not quite finished the book, but I have to say I have cried tears of hope and excitement from the pages read! I have been researching for years, and all you write about, brings it all together! There is so much I want to say, and so much of my work, dreams and passions you speak of in your book! Full circle. Thank you for listening to the call. You have given me the vision to see how I can do so as well. 

Humbly Ruby Peterson, Namgis mom, wife, sister, aunty, friend, human being.

To Ontario Addiction Treatment Centres

Teresa Naseba Marsh's book is about the power of healing our wounds collectively through the acceptance of Buddha's teaching about human suffering.  Once we accept suffering as a human condition, we can transcend and free ourselves from the cages we protect ourselves in.  When our truths are supported, validated and heard, we can move on to a place of freedom, inner peace and exploration of our higher selves.

This book is important because Marsh is able to de-mystify the process of moving from a place of suffering to a space of inner peace.  This is illustrated through Marsh's documentation of personal accounts with her clients. Marsh also spells out the importance of developing a solid therapeutic alliance, as without this, healing becomes that much harder to attain.

The book is interesting because Marsh allows her clients to literally write about their experiences of suffering, in addition to how Marsh helped them and how they progressed on their journey towards healing.  Marsh's use of spoken word poems further supports how creative and in tune she is with her clients.  In this sense, Marsh gives the reader a valuable tool to use with clients who are yearning to connect with someone who understands their pains.    

The structure and organization of Marsh's book is easy to follow and read.  Marsh does a great job at setting out clinical definitions of terms relating to trauma, addiction and loss. Marsh utilizes these definitions through case examples interwoven with personal experiences of unforeseen obstacles and the growth that comes from connecting to clients, us and spirit.

Marsh keeps the interest of the reader by using colourful and vibrant descriptions of each one of her clients.  Furthermore, Marsh reels the reader in by presenting ways of practicing from the heart- without judgement and over the top expectations. Marsh has a way of humbling the reader by pointing out the honour we, as practitioners, have in meeting clients, praying, laughing, crying and caring for them and the helping relationship. 

Marsh's creditability and authority on subjects related to trauma, addiction and multiple loss are not only proven through her educational background and practical experience with clients, but more importantly she lays out the key points in developing a sound and ethical practice. Marsh is truly gifted in her ability to extend her knowledge and experience to others so they can continue to grow their own way of interacting with clients.  To lay out these key points would not do Teresa's work justice, so I humbly ask you to take a look for yourself.  

By Kirsten Camartin MSW

Clinical Case Manager, OATC

To Odin Books

I would like to put in a recommendation and quick review of an important book I believe you should carry. The name of the book is Enlightenment is Letting Go by Canadian author and psychotherapist Teresa Naseba Marsh. The book is a bold presentation of related trauma, addiction and multiple loss. I believe Enlightenment Is Letting Go is a transformative and powerful book that would benefit many people. From the personal stories to the insights on a broad range of issues by Teresa, I found it to be both inspiring and moving. I believe anyone could connect with one of the many issues touched on in this book. It is a powerful tool to aid in the healing process. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone.

Warm regards,
Kirsten Macaulay

To Chapters and Indigo

Rating: 5/5

Loved it!

I have known Teresa for many years, and I know first hand that the clients that she has worked with have received healing from their time together. This book highlights many of the stories from the clients she has worked with. Many of us have problems with our everyday life, and the contents of this book will help to begin the road to healing. I would recommend this book to friends and neighbours. Having known Teresa for so long, I know that she has had her own road of healing, and her personal experiences help in her relationship with her clients

Fern Brown

To Chapters and Indigo

Rating: 5/5

Miracles are possible

By reading this book I have opened myself the door to a complete and utter spiritual growth. The hope, faith and love from all the stories in this book clearly told us that each and every one of us has a reason, a role in the infinite energies of this universe (regardless whether the sole is alive or dead). Don't you think? This book is a concrete evidence that miracles do exist, only we have to believe in them continously! Allow yourself a pleasure of reading this book.  

Mirjana Rakic